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Missing Official Features from Virtual Arsenal
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I am missing the Insignia's, Faces and Voices tab options in the virtual arsenal. It was working fine early October 2014 until late OCT-November '14 when I believe there was a update/patch.
I've tried with all my mods off so I am running Vanilla and I still don't have any options showing for them in Virtual Arsenal so that rules out mods/addons.
I've even tried verifying integrity of my game cashe, but it still hasent fixed the problem. I Am missing the last three options after the watch *a Head/a Microphone/Shield-insignia. {F25211}


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How are you "calling" the Virtual Arsenal?
Those options are not available in-game.

I am calling them in the editor with Zues/MCC by placing down an object and adding the code to the object

Are you sure those features weren't available in-game before a few patches ago? I've tried it in *Virtual Arsenal and it works; *those features do exist*. However, I was sure that they worked In-Game Editor and such just by "calling" it from placing down an object and adding the Init preset to said object. Also IF this is the case; why is it Not available in-game/Editor by adding the preset?

Full options are available only when you call Arsenal using this code:
["Open",true] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal;

For more info, see