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safeZone values change depending on "Interface Size" settings
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I created a HUD in a mission and I used safeZone commands to make sure it stays in the same position whatever the user settings.
But if player chooses an interface size bigger than 'Normal' then the HUD is not visible anymore:

  • the config

idd = -1;
fadein = 0;
duration = 10e9;
onLoad = "uinamespace setvariable ['ZEF_D_INFO_HUD', _this select 0]";

class Controls

		class INFO : RscStructuredText
			idc = 0;
			x = 0;
			y = 0;
			w = 1;
			h = 1;
  • the commands that open the HUD

_ZEF_LAYER_HUD_ cutrsc ["ZEF_D_INFO_HUD", "plain"];
uinamespace getvariable "ZEF_D_INFO_HUD" displayctrl 0 ctrlsetposition [safeZoneX + (0 - safeZoneX), safeZoneY + (-0.25 - safeZoneY)];


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That is normal behaviour. Interface size changes viewport size which in turn changes safezone values.

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Some players can't see the HUD at the top of the screen because they increased the "interface size". I didn't find any way so far to check whether the "interface size" is over "normal" and alert the player.

I also didn't find a way to make sure the HUD stays at the top of the screen (not beyond the top limit) and at same time adapt its size to the bigger "interface size" value (as it is the case for ArmA standard menus).

Use getResolution command

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