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AA vehicles are too weak against aircrafts with Lock On missiles.
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Nowadays all aircrafts with lock on missiles can lock targets on distances more than 3 km if your overall view distance (in game settings) is set to more than 3km. But AA vehicle cannot do that. AA vehicles are too weak against aircrafts with Lock On missiles and couldn't shoot back or survive against this kind of weapons.
Aircrafts of any kind should be afraid of AA vehicles but nowadays they don't.

Please provide AA vehicles with more powerfull radar systems, IMO 6-8 kilometers is ok.


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i support this...
the second last match i played on EUTW, we had an enemy attack jet wrecking our team by 60:0 in less than an hour.
We had 5 guys with AA Manpads to charge him and purchased 3 AA Tanks... he just got away with that, and insta wrecked our AA Vehicles...
with this amaount of air defense, we should be able to do at least something, make no go areas for enemy fighter, but he could do what he wanted...


i support this...