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Separate kill feed and chat window
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It would better if the text chat and the kill feed are not on the same list. Because when many players join a server or die on same time, you never can read a text message.


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It would be nice and it required not too much work.

excellent idea :-)
also an option to view the chat history.


you can view chat history by pressing page-up/down after hitting the '/' chat key (arma 2 + 3)

In busy MP (> 50 players), it is impossible to read the chat box unless you are always watching it.

It is constantly spammed with:

  • BattlEye and system messages, impossible to disable.
  • Killed messages
  • Join messages
  • Disconnect messages

I think the BattlEye and server messages in systemChat should be able to be completely disabled. They look like debug messages meant for admin eyes only, they should not be spamming the chat for everybody.

This is especially important as the use of side channel and global channel is quite limited due to VON stuttering.


Thanks for the tip!...
Been playing years and never knew that.
The amount of times I've fired up TeamViewer just to see what someone said earlier in the server window :-s


It would be nice indeed. Though there is scroll up functionality for the chat window (use the chat key to bring up the message bar, then hit page up to scroll up in the history, it goes back quite a long ways)

EDIT: I see somebody above already posted it. I believe you can also make the chat window larger or smaller by editing the UI element sizes for your profile, thus allowing more text to fit on the screen

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