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I have to disable all the addons to join servers which don't have these addons
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In my opinion, this makes it very inconvenient, if I have some addons from steam workshop enabled in Arma Launcher, I then can't join any server which doesn't have these addons? (W00t? Should that be on the contrary XD).

I thought, if Client doesn't have some content which Server has utilized during the gameplay should trigger an error about missing content? :D

This IMHO makes no sense!


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Tick some addons ON in arma launcher, then try joining servers which doesnt have these addons...

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If that is hacking what scares devs away to do so, then why not implement possibility for servers to make client's mods unusable on their servers instead and not completely blocking off everyone with mods enabled from joining? That would be far better and easier for clients, rather than always forcing them to tick and untick specific mods if they constantly playing on different servers with either different mods or unmodded?

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Some servers let you in with your own addons.
I believe people can hack like that though.

The problem is that most of the addons are not exlusively client-side, which means that the modded data is needed on both server and client. That is why you are not allowed to join servers which do not have the same mods as you. You could be using i.e. vehicle which is not present on the server and other players would see you flying in the air (only you would see the vehicle you're sitting in). There are even more serious problems, that's why it is intended to leave this restriction on server admins.

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Iceman, why will BIS not implement a feature so that clients couldn't use (or at all see) the addons which they have, but server doesn't have instead? I understand that, but it's seriously is a pain in the arse to untick and tick addons all the time. Would be nice to tick them once and never ever bother about them any more

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We are currently investigating ways to ease the joining servers using mods, the problem is that it is very complex. We hope to have more easy and yet robust solution in future.