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BattlEye scripts.txt issues
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BattlEye scripts.txt not working for files >= 10238 bytes

The number is mysteriously close to 10240 bytes (10 * 2^10 bytes = 10 KiB).

I ran a test with file sizes between 10 bytes and 30 KiB.

scripts.txt did not detect anything between in the [10KiB, 30KiB] range.



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Steps To Reproduce

Put the following two files in your Arma 3 directory.


Both files are identical (10224 bytes in length)

So now you have:

Case 1:

strlen("\Arma 3\x.sqf") = 13 bytes

13 bytes (from path) + 10224 bytes (from content) = 10237 bytes

Case 2:

strlen("\Arma 3\xx.sqf") = 14 bytes

14 bytes (from path) + 10224 bytes (from content) = 10238 bytes

Setup a dedicated server, with BattlEye scripts.txt filter:

1 "hello_world"

Join the server, and run (from debug console):

  • execVM "x.sqf";
  • execVM "xx.sqf";

Notice how scripts.txt does not detect execution of the "xx.sqf" script.

Additional Information

I noticed this while trying to troubleshoot as to why scripts.txt was not detecting anything from this hack:

At first I thought maybe there was something in the script itself that caused scripts.txt to ignore it. However, it seems that it's purely based off how big the file is.

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@Killzone_Kid, I see you changed the title of the report. Is the title public?

Were you able to reproduce this? I tried on two different client machines, and scripts.txt did not detect anything in the big files.

Seems like a pretty bad security exposure ... unless I am doing something wrong with my scripts.txt, or some other BE configuration?

I don't know who else knows about this, but hackers out there seem to be inadvertedly making use of the this hole when releasing their hacks as a single large sqf file.

BIS devs ... anyone? crickets, crickets, chirp, chirp.

Yes, when related to another ticket, the title of hidden tickets gets emailed. I haven't tried the repro, sorry.