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Bad French translation
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There are a few bad French translations:

-in editor, in formation settings, "file" has been translated as "fichier".
in fact, "file" can also be translated as "file" in French - it has the same meaning (formation "file" in English is also formation "file" in French).

-mission campaign "Blackfoot Down" has been literally translated as "La chute du pied noir" - which is bad (just like for the movie "BlackHawk Down" which was translated "La chute du faucon noir" - bad translation too).
the correct translation would be "Blackfoot à terre" or "Blackfoot abattu".
"Blackfoot" being a name, it shouldn't be translated and must be kept the same in the title of the mission.

-Plus, with the new helicopter DLC, the option "open ramp" hasn't been translated either.
It still show "open / close ramp" instead of translated version "ouvrir / fermer rampe".

Can you correct it for the next update please?


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I assume there will be more French translation mistakes - everything has not been listed here yet.

Here is the thread on the forum in which I list them:

Can a BIS dev have a look at it sometimes?

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Wrong translations have been fixed. The missing ones will be added in the next main branch update.