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Dedicated server crashes randomly less than 30 minutes after launching
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I installed a fresh dedicated server using the guide on the community wiki (, since it is the most comprehensive and in-depth guide I've seen so far.
The server launches fine, and people are able to connect with no issues. All of the features work fine. However, anywhere from 3 minutes to 20 minutes after launch, the server crashes. This happens even when no startup parameters are used.
The server has no mods installed, and it's running the stable branch. I've already tried making new servers from scratch several times to no avail. The server always crashes with the same error (an access violation in netdll.dll). I've included one of the crash dumps. {F25122}


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Dedicated Server
Steps To Reproduce

Download dedicated server files (stable branch).
Configure the server's config file and profile files appropriately.
Launch the server (with or without launch parameters).

Additional Information

I previously had a dedicated server working on this computer, but it was several months ago. No hardware changes have occurred in this period of time, and I can't think of any software that I've installed that would cause these issues.

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I had a similar issue, when using A3 dedicated server and playing on the same PC, game would crash or server would crash. I started using 3rd party dedicated software to run as and I have had no problems since. I think it is just an issue with running Dedicated A3 and Client A3 at the same instance. Have you tried just running Dedicated server by itself and having a friend test stability? Try TADST for Dedicated setup, as it runs on A3 Client in the background [Alongside A3 Client] instead of running as Dedicated.

your server is crashing in Windows allocator, could you please try to shut down any unnecessary programs running besides the server?

I closed some other additional programs, and now the problem seems to have resolved itself. I don't even encounter the problem while running the other programs now. Sorry for wasting your time; thanks for the help.

No problem, glad it works now.