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setMass no longer works to make vehicles (un slingable) slingable.
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I noticed that when sling loading was first introduced in the dev build and if I wanted to say have a certain vehicle to be slingloaded I had to put in a command in it's init field: unitname setMass [10,0.5].

Using the setMass command in the init field allowed for you to pretty much be able to sling any type of vehicle (which would be good for mission makers).


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Sling Loading
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place any vehicle on the map that normally cannot be slingloaded.
  1. In the vehicle's init field put in "unitname/this setMass [10,0.5]".
  1. Place any helicopter that supports the sling load freature.
  1. Try to sling load the vehicle either yourself or AI via waypoints.

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There is no change in the behaviour of this scripting command or the sling loading feature.

Except the mass, vehicle needs to have set proper memorypoints and parameters in model/config as well. If you change the mass for a vehicle, which has these parameters properly set, it works fine. If you change the mass for a vehicle, which is not prepared to be sling loaded (=there are not memorypoints or/and paremeters in config), you won't be able to sling load it. It works this way from the beginning.