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Option in video settings for lens flares
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In Alpha, there were amazing lens flares that made the game look very nice and crisp. For some reason they were removed. Many people liked that feature, but it is not available in any video settings. I would like to request that the lens flares be made available in the video settings so that we may all enjoy the beautiful effects. {F25094}


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Look at bright lights in the game that would give a "lens flare" effect in real life (helicopter spotlights, military grade flashlights, headlights, etc.).

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Those in the picture would be sprites to be more precise, and they weren't exactly removed, just changed. They are much less intense now. I also liked them a lot, not sure why they've changed them.

A lens flare is something that you see while pointing a camera at a bright light source, like the sun (and that's already in the game). Google lens flare to get a clear idea.

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Yeah, it seems that all of the lights in the game were dimmed down as well. Like flares used to light up the landscape & stuff like that. It's weird that the Alpha had better lighting than the full version.

If you study astronomy, there is really no such thing as these star field lens flare graphics within reality.

If you do see lens flare from strong light sources with star like effect shapes, almost always a star effect filters and other color filter has been added! On the flip, I've briefly heard star effect filters can be used to exaggerate light to detect colors better, such as a prism. (I personally do not like to use star effect filters or any color filter while studying astronomy related topics.)

I think what the reporter more or less wants, is likely a realistic light flare along with Bug #9319 ""Flashlight is too dim..." fixed.

I'm also noticing within the current release, aircraft collision lights, other aircraft lights and runway lights cannot be seen at all during dusk or cloudy skies! (It might be we're getting close to some of these remaining lighting bugs to be tackled.)

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rogerx, well, at least these lights seemed better and far more realistic than they are now, in a current version of Arma III with "General availability (GA)" state, in reality it still has more bugs and unfinished features that it's a shame to even give it a Beta state...