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AI infantry needs to have a lower damage tolerance before seeking treatment
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The amount of damage done to an AI before they take action needs to be reduced. Time after time I see AI get shot and not do anything. I should not be seeing injured AIs when not in combat. when an AI gets shot they should get treated immediately (Ether they treat themselves or call for a medic.) They shouldn't wait until they cant run anymore (They usually get killed before that point due to not getting treated sooner) as soon as they take even a small amount of damage they should get treated. The AI as of now have almost no will to live due to being garbage in general but surely this would be an easy thing to fix and would increase the survival rate and time by a fair amount.


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Shoot an AI anywhere besides the head with an MX and watch them not give a crap! (Even with extended armor off!

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If an AI gets shot they need to seek treatment! PERIOD!
If you shoot an AI in the leg they should call for a medic.
If a grenade goes of near an AI they should call for a medic.
If an AI gets run over by another AI they should call for a medic.
If an AI decides to ignore incoming fire and not take cover <-(Fix this!)and gets shot they should call for a medic.
If an AI has to drop out of a helicopter because the AI pilot wont land all the way they should call for a medic.
If an AI decides to walk in front of you and gets shot they should call for a medic.
If an AI only gets scuffed up a bit from a nearby explosion or something they should call for a medic.

AI should not wait till they are near death to seek treatment!

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Upvoted. But the medic may not always be available during the battle. The AI also should be able to heal himself, without an order.
Please vote also here:

My item 14, about this.

This still hasn't been worked on yet? *facepalm AI still need to be more aggressive about treating wounds.