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Arma 3 crashes when you delete an object that is hooked to a flying helicopter.
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Yesterday I wanted to test the new helicopters, so I went on my server and spawned a Taru and a small container with zeus. After I hooked up the container to the Taru manually I wanted to try another object and deleted the container while it was hooked up to the Taru. My Arma stopped working and the rootserver also crashed. The other players on the therver were thrown out of the game. Then I opend the editor and made this again and my Arma crashed again.


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Steps To Reproduce

Go on a server where you can start zeus or open the editor. Spawn a Taru and a small container and hook the container to the Taru. Now fly a little bit that the container has moved. Now delete the container (while its hooked up) and your game will crash.

Additional Information

I dont know if this only happens whith this combination of helicopter and load, but I could imagine that this will happen with evry helicopter and evry load.

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