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CH-Huron AI unable to slingload Huron containers/Supply Box/Cargo Net
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The AI of the new CH-Huron 67 cannot be commanded to sling load any Huron (supports) containers, supply boxes and cargo nets. They are able to pick up (and drop) a M-ATV and a Quadbike. {F25086}


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Steps To Reproduce

As Zeus, spawn an occupied NATO CH-Huron 67, spawn any Huron container/supply box/cargo net. Select the Huron, right-click on any aforementioned.

Additional Information

The waypoint made by right-click will be addressed as "MOVE" instead of "LIFT CARGO". Double-clicking the waypoint will also show: 'Cannot set type of an attached waypoint'.

The AI of the Mi-290 Taru is able to sling load its Taru pods.

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Confirmed! Also have the same problem. See attached mission pbo.

Can also confirm. Right-clicking any of the items listed above with an occupied Huron defaults to the "Destroy" command for the Waypoint.

Edit: After some further investigation, it would appear that the issue is related to the items themselves. None of the helicopters will lift the Huron Containers/Cargo Nets/Supply Boxes, however all of the helos that you would expect to have a reasonable amount of lifting capability (ie. Huron, Hellcat, Taru,ect.) will lift the Taru boxes using the AI with no problem.

As a workaround, Remote controlling the choppers will allow you to lift the items in question, after which you can release control and order the unit to their drop cargo destination. However, as Zeus, I feel like manually managing logistics in this way is a bit cumbersome and might detract from the greater story you are trying to create.

Its not that the huron cant sling. I tried the huron on taru boxes and it does just fine. This is not a problem with sling loading, it a zeus only issue.