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Seperate keys for Engine On / Engine Off, Collision Lights On / Off, Wheel Brake Hold / Release
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The recent update / DLC release has added some advanced features for helicopters. However, there is still no separate configurable key for collision lights.

On top of this, (ideally analogue) separate keys to enable and disable the different features (engine, collision lights, headlights, and wheel brakes) would allow those of us with two-state peripherals, like the trigger switches on the HOTAS Warthog, to properly configure our input devices within ArmA 3.

This is especially frustrating since ArmA 3 already recognizes these advanced peripherals, but for the two-state switches only allows mapping the "on"-state.
This makes those switches utterly useless, since you have to toggle them off and then on again just to get another key press


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Is there a key in controls for collision lights even. Atl least I'm missing it so if there is I'd be happy to know :) If there isn't BIS should add it.

I agree with you.

Still no function mapping for Collision lights, for mapping to a joystick button. Collision lights could include flashing lights for vehicles, such as police or caution lights and placed within the same category as the common lights/headlights key.

Should also be a spot light key, which could also include head light high beams. (Shrugs.)

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Boggles the mind why they put this in a context menu and never gave it a proper key binding and now it lives buried and unloved on the feedback tracker.

Here is a kind of pseudo work around

this addAction ["", {
_this select 1 action [

		["EngineOn", "EngineOff"] select isEngineOn (_this select 0), 
		_this select 0

}, "", -10, false, true, "User1", "_this == driver _target"];
this addAction ["", {
_this select 1 action [

		["CollisionLightOn", "CollisionLightOff"] select isCollisionLightOn (_this select 0), 
		_this select 0

}, "", -10, false, true, "User2", "_this == driver _target"];

engine is bound to User Action 1
collision light to User Action 2

unfortunately there is no way to detect if copilot is current driver so this will not be available for copilot. Also it for some reason adds actions with no text to scrolling action menu so you will get 2 non selectable items added

rogerx added a comment.Apr 6 2015, 3:18 PM

Many thanks for the script, providing further insight into the addAction and it's usage!

I'm no pilot, but the flight boards appear duplicated between pilot and co-pilot. And from hindsight, the co-pilot should be able to perform such tasks alongside the pilot. So I personally do not think there's a problem having both pilots having access, except for the fact you might get a psychotic co-pilot whom might like to play with the lights. So it might need some final fixing detecting the "unlock controls" function, but I would be happy with this if it were published as is, along with likely many other people.

But from what I'm guessing, you might also be trying to explain the co-pilot cannot be given this feature/function unless he's detected as a the "driver" or the pilot with the controls. (ie. No function to check for the co-pilot seat occupant, unless he is driving/flying.)

exactly, currentDriver command is needed because of copilot enabled vehicles