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Unable to sling medium-sized cargo containers; unable to lift small-sized
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I am unable to "hook" medium cargo containers (AKA Shipping containers). This is even though I have tried putting the command "cargo3 enableRopeAttach true;" in its init section (I set the ammoboxes inside to "false" to prevent slinging them instead).
The medium cargo container has 5 ammocrates attached to it, inside, to prevent them from flying around.
The issue is consistent and is present on empty containers as well.
I am simply not getting the possibility of selecting the function to "hook".


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Steps To Reproduce

-Place a cargo container (medium size) and a small sized cargo container in the editor, an ammobox & a "Huron" next to it.
-Preview or export to MP missions and run the mission
-Try lifting off and positioning yourself for slinging the medium cargo container (shipping container)

-Try lifting off with the small cargo container attached.

Additional Information

All for MP operations.

The "Taru" is the only one capable of lifting just the small container.

The fact that a large aircraft like the "Huron" cannot even lift with an empty small shipping container (weighing less than the smallest MRAP) is simply unrealistic.
A Chinook (of which this bird is modelled after) can EASILY lift a medium-sized cargo container in real life, stuffed with goodies -why shouldn't this be possible in ArmA?

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Thank you for the report, we'll investigate what can be done about it (some mass atributes cannot be changed due to dependencies and collisions).

Would be great if you could just enable items to be sling loaded if you give the co-ordinates for ropes to be attached. The ability not to add the little dots to the slingload assistant is also quite annoying.