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Add Firing From Vehicles to more Helicopters; Add Door, Misc Controls to Co-Pilot, Loadmaster
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Currently, pilots cannot open all doors by default on a helicopter without scripting, to reduce clutter in the scroll menu.

However, co-pilots have plenty of attention-space and scroll-space for various functions, such as opening doors. Being able to open doors takes MUCH greater advantage of the "Firing From Vehicles" addition in the Helicopters DLC.

Additionally, this adds more merit to the MI-290's Loadmaster seat, which currently is functionally just a passenger seat.

Making some seats of helicopters, such as passenger seats with the Ghost Hawk, able to be fired from, makes this all the more useful.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Enter a co-pilot seat of a helicopter with doors, ex. Ghost Hawk 1B. Or: Enter the Loadmaster seat for the MI-290
  1. Use the scroll-menu to select "Open Doors"
  1. Observe door opening, allowing passengers to fire from the vehicle, as well as increasing immersion.
  1. Use scroll-menu to select "Close All Doors"
Additional Information

Pilot could have the option to "Open doors" (all), while co-pilots are given more precise control. (Ex. "Open Left Door", "Open ramp"). Loadmasters would also have this ability.

Pilots could be given an option to "Take co-pilot controls", or "Release co-pilot controls" for solo-flying.

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I personally don't like that the co-pilot and loadmaster almost can't do anything. I really like your idea. It also would be nice if the loadmaster actually could use slingload, because he has a perfect view.

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Edited to reduce text size, as well as adding suggestion to allow pilots to open doors, in consideration of solo-pilots.