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Portable Helipad Lights - IR & Non-Strobe Option
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The current Portable Helipad Lights introduced in the Heli DLC flash at regular intervals. This flash makes it difficult to use these lights to mark un-lit airfields for airplanes. I have experience with setting up portable light kits for USAF C-17 short-field assault landings, and we always use constant-on lights, sometimes in IR, but never strobes.

Either add a scripting option that allows the lights to be turned off/constant on/strobe or add additional editor/Zeus objects. As well, an IR version only visible in NVGs with above off/on/strobe options would be awesome.


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Come on Bohemia, it's been two years... Would this not be a quick change of a few lines of code to the asset?

Is there an easy way to do this in the init line in Eden?

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