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CH-67 Rotor Destroyed But Still Flying Fine
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As you can see on the attachment pictures, the helicopter keeps on flying even though both the rotors are completely damaged/ripped off. {F25059} {F25060}


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Damage the back rotor by hitting it against a tree or an ATC tower etc until ATRQ gets status red and the main rotor will be status white but becomes invisible.

Additional Information

This happens on both versions of the helicopters.

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I cannot reproduce this.
My ATRQ does not even break into a damaged model like yours. It just spins slower and the main rotor is still intact.

Although I think it is very wierd that you spin if you lose your tail rotor. Normally your tail falls like a brick and pulls your down to the ground.

Any time I lost the back rotor, I did a sweet back flip into the ground.

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Basically what happens is that whenever the tail rotor gets destroyed, my main rotor is still intact, status white (obviously). But the MROT seems to be gone, even though it rly is still there. It's just the graphics that disappear - in other words, this is a graphical glitch.

Also, this problem is in regards to the RC build!

Ok, well I cannot test it, as I do not have the RC branch code.

Only someone who has it could test your issue.