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"Author Unknown" Island selection does not respect Author inheritence.
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Note that the MAIN game display DOES respect inheritance, map loading does not.

During loading of a selected custom island, the editor does not look at inheritance to discover Author= . It only looks at the raw class and nothing further. Thus we get "by unknown community author".

Thus it is not possible to use an inherited class that supplies generic constants to a series of islands being made. (fog, weather, author, etc)

This is contrary to every expectation of inheritance (why bother?). As a side comment it is also present on array[]+= syntax where only the directly inherited class is examined and nothing deeper.


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working code:

class cfgWorlds

class CaWorld;
class MyGreatIsland:CaWorld
     Author=I am famous;

non working code
class cfgWorlds

class CaWorld;
class teamBaseWorld: CaWorld
   author=A brilliant mod team;
class MyGreatIsland:teamBaseWorld

// inherited author



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Inheritance works fine, but "author" property ignores it deliberately. If it wouldn't work this way, all objects, weapons or terrains which are inheriting from the official content, but has no "author" defined, would be marked as "by Bohemia Interactive".

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for reasons unknown then, the main island selection display does drill down, and does not show 'bohemia interactive'