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[DEV] Removing and adding SmokeLauncherMag with xxxMagazine(s)Turret commands make Smoke Launcher unusable
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If you remove a smoke launcher magazine with removeMagazinesTurret and add it again with addMagazineTurret the smoke launcher is not usable anymore.


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Steps To Reproduce

Start the attached mission.
A few seconds after mission start the smoke launcher magazine of the tank gets removed and a second later added again with the mentioned scripting commands above.
Then get into the tank (hint message) and check the smoke launcher.

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Takes about 60 sec for the launcher to become usable for me. Removing and adding weapon cuts this time to 2 sec

vehicle player removeMagazineTurret ["smokelaunchermag", [0,0]];
vehicle player removeWeaponTurret ["smokelauncher", [0,0]];
vehicle player addMagazineTurret ["smokelaunchermag", [0,0]];
vehicle player addWeaponTurret ["smokelauncher", [0,0]];

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That I know... Yet it doesn't happen for other turrets or mags, thus it is a bug.

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Meh, haven't checked the SmokeLauncher itself...
It indeed has a magazine reload time of 60 seconds:
magazineReloadTime = 60;

So not a bug, please close.

Mass-closing all resolved issues not updated in the last month.

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