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Helicopter Cyclic left/right mouse controls affect parachute steering.
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So I use custom Helicopter controls with my mouse and keyboard (see screenshot). Cyclic left and right is bound to Mouse left and right. Unfortunately, today I discovered that it negatively affects parachuting. Every time I move my mouse to the left or right it does two actions: One, it moves camera to the left or right (as it should), and two, it steers parachute to the left or right. And it seems I can't stop it no matter what, whether I double tap ALT or hold it, it always steers the parachute.
What's important, it only does that with steering left or right. The Helicopter Cyclic forward/backward controls don't affect parachute steering at all.

In my opinion parachute steering should be connected to Infantry movement controls and not helicopters. Maybe it's just a bug seeing as it affects it only partially, but it definitely shouldn't be like that. With those helicopter controls I can't look around while parachuting, because I'm spinning like crazy (and those heli controls are most intuitive to me).


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  1. Bind Helicopter controls like in screenshot (mainly Cyclic left/right to Mouse left/right, remembering to remove it from Left/Right turn).
  2. Parachute in game.
  3. Move your mouse left and right (notice how it steers the parachute while also moves the camera).

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I have always wondered why parachuting feels so dumb and spongy and you can't look around. Now this makes sense.

rogerx added a comment.Oct 1 2015, 9:39 PM

When parachuting, you can look around. I believe those keys are mapped to the number pad on the right of 105 key keyboard. Some keyboards omit the keypad to the right of the keyboard, as they're not typically used except for accounting purposes or repeated number entry tasks such as databasing tasks.

I also have Track IR, and can easily look around without using the number pad to the right of the keyboard. Also, the Enter key on the number pad toggles the point of view from first person point of view to third person point of view. I personally believe in using third person point of view routinely as you have to realize we're really just looking through a one foot by one to two foot window, and sometimes much less. Really difficult to squeeze an entire simulated virtual reality within such a small window, and using third person point of view tends to provide much more information as well as lacking the sensation of gravity. Third person can feel like cheating, until your realize the fore mentioned.

If you have one of the smaller keyboards, I'd suggest investing in Track IR as neither I use the number pad much except for routine usage of the number pad enter key. And remap the number pad key (if it isn't by default already) to another key such as the Enter key?

While this is certainly a workaround (as is looking around and quickly looking back), the issue is still unaffected as instead of pressing Alt and using the mouse, players would have to additionally map the keypad or go through the financial effort of getting TrackIR which is certainly recommended but it shouldn't be a necessity.

As for the keypad, it holds my equipment keys and I would have to bind separate keys for looking around. This is not an appropriate option to me, especially when I use the mouse for looking around in every other circumstance from being infantry to being a tank commander to sitting in a helicopter.