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Expand Fire From Vehicles to more vehicles
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With the 2 new helicopters having FFV and animated ramps that can be used with the action menu. Could we possibly have the same features shown in the new helicopter with the vanilla ones. I was hoping for these features to be implemented with the vehicles mentioned below. The benefits implementing these features would enable players to have more functionality and immersion when using the following vehicles.

  • MI-48 Kajman
  • UH-80 Ghost Hawk (BLACK VERSION)
  • WY-55 Hellcat (Green)

The MI-48 has a reasonably good reason for having the Fire From Vehicle feature. It could have up to 2 soldiers per-side firing from the helicopters doorways, in total having 4 FFV positions. My reason for suggesting the UH-80 to have the FFV positions is to give it a more tactical feel to it. Here's my example on how to add the FFV to the UH-80 Ghost Hawk (Black Version). Remove the passenger seats close the the two M134 gunners and begin to add FFV positions, soldiers will sit on the floor of the helicopter (similar to the MH9 bench position) feet hanging and possibly more soldiers sitting on the floor inside.

Suggested by DarkSideSixOfficial

"I feel the same with the Hellcat (Green), seeing as the soldiers are sitting facing the doorways, they could have the same done for how it is with ramped vehicles. That soldier sitting facing the door has the ability to Open that door and fire out of it, and close it back if need be, obviously restricting from shooting when closed."

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Thanks a lot for feedback, we are taking that into account.
Having open-able doors for more vehicles is quite a huge performance hit according to our testing, mainly because of more complex PhysX shapes required. We have decided to allow use of ramps specifically, because there is just a handful of them and it mitigates bigger performance impact most of the times. We are going to keep investigating possibilities, but I cannot promise any change in a near future.

Thanks for the response pettka. I understand there may be issues with the implementation of these requested features so I guess its down to the devs to decide if its feasible or not.