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Addon Builder +other tools, do not scale correctly with Windows Display settings
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Windows Display settings allow you to enlarge screen items such as text and controls for easy reading, (scale smaller 100% to larger 150%). Tools such as the addon builder scale all the controls with this setting, but the window size is fixed and unresizeable, so many controls are hidden.


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Desktop Resolution - 1080p hdmi
Windows fully updated, latest AMD drivers for a HD7870

Control Panel -> Display -> "Make it easier to read whats on your screen" -> set to 'Larger' -> run main Arma 3 toolbox, or Addon-Builder.

Additional Information

personal note: I use a 46" hdtv as my monitor, and sit about 8 ft (2.5m) away, so i need this magnification to be able to read text in windows & web browser. set to 100% standard, text for most apps is tiny. for the time being i can just swap, but still requires a windows re-login each time. just an irritant.

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Disable DPI-scaling in the applications properties until this is fixed.
Most applications don't scale well. Although i'm suprised since WPF applications are supposed to scale very well, without further doing by programmers.


AddonBuilder and Publisher in main branch now scales correctly when DPI is over 100%.

Confirmed, thats great!

All thats left now is the main Arma 3 Tools window, and this ticket will be closed

Hello, with the update 0.82, Arma3Tools.exe display should be better for you (even if it's not scaled), could you have a look? Thanks.

no noticed difference - 125% forces a vertical scrollbar in-addition to horiz., but 150% only forces horiz. scrollbar (might not be new)

solutions imho:
-removing duplicate button icons (each has 2) would save significant width;
-allowing window resizing; or,
-set window width based on the right edge of controls (buttons and panels -are- sized & scaled correctly)

We made quite a lot of modifications, do you still experience this issue?

Regarding the solution you've mentioned, it's something like the 3rd :)

Well done - everything fits that matters (only issue is rightmost icons under-lap the folder buttons, but interferes with nothing); Calling it closed, thank you Tom & Co.

Edit: odd, i remember us previously having the ability to mark our own tickets as fixed/closed; get a access denied...

Glad to read that, now switching to resolved :)