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Arma 3 stuck on receiving data
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Hello, I recently bought Arma 3 on the steam sale and wanted to play multiplayer. When I join a server, it downloads the mission files, then proceeds to go on the receiving data stage, the bar gets stuck on 80% - 100% full, and sometimes the the game actually crashes. When I get stuck on the receiving data, I can hear people still voice chatting and see the logs of people dying, connecting, and disconnecting. I tried to verify the files and did a full uninstall and reinstall, but it did not work.


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Join a multiplayer server.

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I found out if I turn off my VyprVpn, it seems to work properly, although it should still work on the VPN because all the ports are open. There still seems to be something not adding up...

Do you guys block VPNs ?

You shouldn't play using VPN, as there might be traffic not returning properly to the player or UDP streams are simply becoming unreliable.

There is - to best of my knowledge - no intentional blocking, but it might simply not be intended to play A3 MP using VPN. Usually there's also no reason to do so.

Thanks for the update.