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Imperial Measurement System
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ARMAVERSE for the longest time has run on the metric system. I am wondering if it is possible to add an option(added to either game general or game layout settings) to implement the imperial measurement system which is used by US forces in general. It also allows the implementation of knots for sea and aviation forces. Below I will provide references which I believe are relevant and their conversion rates. The reason is when I say "I'm going 500 knots" I am actually going 269 or 270 knots in all actuality. This is important for the air to ground communications and makes information sent and received more accurate. Also some people are more used to miles rather than kilometers so for people based in the United States this would be more suitable for them.

Meters = Feet [1 Meter(s)/M = 3.28084 Feet(foot)/Ft]
Meters = Yards [1 Meter(s)/M = 1.09361 Yards/Yds]
Kilometers = Miles [1 Kilometer/Km = 0.621371 Mile(s)/Mi]
Kilometers per hour = Miles Per Hour [1 Km/H = 0.621371 Mp/H]
Kilometers per hour = Nautical Miles(nmi or KNOTS)[1.0 km = 0.53996 nmi]{meant for aircraft and ships]

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Even though I am american, I do not like the imperial measurement system.
Meter is in my opinion better, but you should be able to switch between them. Especially when you are used to it.

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I assume the above link works in startup parameters? However I think it would be a lot easier to add into the options to make it more accessible to the common player.

Almost every other sim game has this option why not arma? I prefer Metric myself but a user friendly option should be available.

Having two systems could cause communication issues though.


That is a good point.

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