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CH-67 should float similarly to the CH-47?
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The CH-47 is amphibious. It floats on its large fuel tanks and can recover boats from the water as well as make emergency water landings. On another note, most (if not all) helicopters are missing the collisions when they roll over without a main rotor. I believe they should be a bit less fragile and be able to roll down a hill if they crash 'softly'. With in reason of course. If one as much as touches the top of the craft to the ground, it explodes.


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I like both of your points. Helicopters need better collision physics with, well... everything.

Helicopter + water = kaboom
Helicopter + stone = kaboom
Helicopter + bush = kaboom

Oh, and my "favorite":

Helicopter tips over = michael bay movie

I wish they would at least make them more tough against crashes/flipping over/water. Landing with a Huron in the water and recovering divers/boats would be pretty epic.

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Upvoted and agree with all written above.

It is very strange the helicopter to sink only 15% in water and its rotor and ruined.

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what do you mean the chopper can float in its fuel tanks? fuel is heavier than water, even if that's true it would only float in case the chopper had under 1/3 of fuel, more or less, and when i say "float" i mean "not sink", not "keeping the cargo bay out of the water"

If my physics lessons from high school don't betray me, by Archimedes' principle an object can float even if it's heavier as long as it displaces enough water.
It would be nice to have, and i hope the devs fix the collisions, helicopters explode in the most ridiculous circumstances.
Making a crash landing results almost always in instantaneous explosions.

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@Dr_Death remember that the fuel has a density about .8 depending the kind of fuel and temperature due this way the fuel is always lighter than the water.
Anyways the aircraft doesnt float over its fuel tanks itself, is over the belly. About the ramp open or close I had no info about that.

Pretty sure the cargo doors are not watertight, also it floats to recover or drop equipment in water, if the cargo door was to be closed then how would you do that?

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i forgot about the floats on that one lol. the cargo bay actually submerges to about a foot at the shallowest when open with the floats, but the standard ch47 can do that as well but the collective cant be lowered all the way. needs just a bit of lift to 'sit' on the water. I believe its something like 5 min to sink complete in a water ditch scenario. most commercial aircraft are designed to stay afloat for roughly half an hour to facilitate evacuation, military is just long enough for crew to escape therefor we should be able to softly drop a helo in the water and swim away when something fails. with the new physics we need better collisions.