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Unable to assault the outpost in Breaking Even
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During Breaking Even, it is impossible to take the outpost as the objective does not complete itself when all enemy AI have been defeated,


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Campaign Episode 2: Adapt
Steps To Reproduce

1: Replay Breaking Even in the Adapt campaign

2: Assault the outpost

3: Ragequit after waiting a few hours

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I have the EXACT same problem ! upvote !

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You will find that there are AAF members stuck inside a rock. This is the rock behind the high watchtower (where there is a guy you have to spot as soon as you start the mission). If you lay down on this rock, you glitch through yourself and are able to spray down the last *two* AAF members.

My crosshair points out the rock:
This is me glitching through the rock myself :,8lkuIPE#1

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I could hear the FIA AI on my team call out other targets, but I couldn't actually see them myself. Thanks man! I hope this gets fixed though.

Definitely. It is game breaking (you literally can't progress) if you don't know how to solve it like we did. I think they spawn there. Done it over five times now for testing. Every single time there are 2 AAF members stuck. Removing/Changing their spawnlocation should already fix it.