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Emergency landing - the rope prevents a car to move - unable to detach the rope manually
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When a vehicle (car, quadbike, MRAP) is carried by helicopter and the chopper emergency lands, the vehicle is trapped, the driver or anyone around cannot manually detach the rope that is still connecting the car to the helicopter.


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Steps To Reproduce

1] spawn Ifrit HMG (player as gunner) and Taru without any module (AI, flying)
2] set lift cargo waypoint for Taru on Ifrit
3] preview
4] when Taru lifts the car, aim RCWS on it's motor and fire (one or two hits should destroy the motor)
5] Taru emergency lands and it's crew gets out but Ifrit is still attached by the rope and cannot move anywhere

Additional Information

It should be allowed to manually detach the rope from the cargo, this could be an action available only for soldiers around the cargo, in other words it should not be possible from crew/passenger positions in case of vehicles.

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As a workaround, you can destroy ropes or winch with your rifle. You should be able to free the vehicle this way.