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Zeus - CTD when deleting attached cargo (Helos)
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When player is Zeus, deleting (as opposed to destroying) a helos slung cargo will crash the client to desktop. Tested with a number of Helos, DLC and vanilla, and with different cargo objects.

In all cases CTD was returned. {F25015}


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Zeus - General
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Player set up as Zeus
  2. Create Helo (Sling-load capable)
  3. Create cargo object (Any)
  4. Raise helo in air as flying.
  5. Attach cargo by dragging object to helo.
  6. Select now slung cargo and press Zeus 'delete' key.

Expected: Cargo, ropes and hooks removed, helo returns to normal position.
Observed: Freeze image then crash to desktop.

Additional Information

Pressing Zeus 'Destroy' key on the cargo seems to work as appropriate - ropes are released and cargo falls to ground.

Noticed: Following delete in frozen screen cap ropes and cargo are removed but rope hooks appear still attached in mid air.

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This appears to be fixed. Thanks