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Add doors to MH-9 and AH-9 as they are on M-900
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It's awesome to see doors have made a return to the light helicopter but they are not available on the xH-9. It might even make more sense to have 2 sets of doors for both helicopters. One that has a slot in the bottom door to accommodate the weapon holder or bench mount, and the other for flying clean.
Also it would be acceptable to be able to add doors individually or in sets front and back, for when bench or weapon holder is available. Believe me, I would have added them myself but BIS models are off limits, so please here me out on this one. This is using existing assets so I don't see this as too time consuming work and it would help add to the helicopters DLC.

I can be more descriptive in my request if you find it needs clarification.
Thank you.


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I have no expectations for this to be available outside of scripting.

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On the one side, yes.

On another side, no.

The MH-9/AH-9 should have doors, it just looks better and you can see alot through the doors too. It does not look very futuristic flying around with an open aircraft. The modern attack-Littlebirds almost always have doors on them. (Maybe even for protection?)

On the other hand, people would put them on a Hummingbird, remove benches and put a civilian skin on it with scripts. It then looks almost the same as the M900 in the DLC, which makes the M900 not so unique. (Besides of the shiny paint, marked rotors and civilian interior)

But I support more content and that's why I say yes.

The way I see it, all three choppers should be based on the same model, or the MH-9 and AH-9 should also be based on the new model (Variant AH-9b/MH-9b or something with FLIR as well), and only accessible to DLC owners. Even if they make the M-900 the base model and then add benches or weapons to it. As a DLC owner I would like to see the best of both worlds without having to choose between between the two.

BTW I found this duplicate (Sorry)

At least I am adding a little detail to the request I suppose.

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I think that the doors should be available via scripting and their animations brought back. Otherwise you have "Quick, let me warp through this door to fly this helicopter that already had working animations before, but got taken out for who knows why..."

All vehicles with doors have not door specific get-in animation. ah-9 would be no different.

Actually, all of the helo's with the exception of the orca and hellcat have door animations. They're just not active.

if you were not already aware, usually this would be added on vehicles with commands such as

this animate ["addDoors",1]; this animate ["addBenches",0];

and they have opening animations, but at the moment, doors on the littlebird seem broken (they used to work, so i'd expect this to be fixed eventually - the animations are still listed in the configs)

I said get-in animations. Like the soldier doesnt reach for a handle to open and close the door. I am aware that most doors are animated via animate and animateDoor. I would only expect new doors to be handled the same way they are now. The only question is if they are on or off by default.

Ok, so what's funny is that you can take off the doors of the M-900, but you can't add them to the xH-9's.

Yes, that's my point.