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Shooting from the Mi-290 Taru / CH-67 Huron
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When shooting from inside the Taru or the Huron, the sound of the shot is "suppressed", if I may say so. Not quite sure of how to describe it. It is not loud enough? It sounds like somebody else fires from inside a nearby building.

This issue is only happening when shootinf in 1st person. Shooting from inside any of the new choppers in 3rd Person will make a clear, normal sound.


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Steps To Reproduce

1 - Get in the editor
2 - Create a Mi-290 Taru
3 - Create a soldier (player)
4 - Preview
5 - Get in the Taru in right (or left) passenger seat
6 - Shoot from it.
7 - Notice the sound is strange
8 - Switch to 3rd Person
9 - Shoot from it
10 - Notice the difference
11 - Repeat with the Huron

Additional Information

I am not using any mods.

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The fired shots inside the chopper should be much louder than fired shots outside.

I don't think, the developers try to simulate ear plugs or a headset, that suppresses external sounds.