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CH-67 Huron - Mi-290 Taru are too fragile
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I've been messing around in the editor with the Huron and the Taru and it turns out that shooting 5 bullets of Zafir (7.62mm) will break the main rotor (MROT) and the ATRQ (on the Huron). The same applies to the Taru. The M-900 is fine though.


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Steps To Reproduce

1 - Go in the editor
2 - Create a Huron
3 - Create an OPFOR autorifleman (player)
4 - Preview
5 - Shoot a few bullets at the Huron
6 - Notice it goes down.
7 - Reproduce those steps with the Taru

Additional Information

1 . Any variants of both the Huron and the Taru suffers from that issue (same config I suppose)

2 . I am not using any mods

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Same here a few riffle shots will bring them down. I did mention it yesterday in the forum thread but there was no response.

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I softly touched an outpost while landing and the Huron transformed to a massive fire ball.

Helicopters all together in Arma 3 are way too explosive. You cannot even tip over without nuking yourself. I cannot even do a safe autorotation without tipping over in the Taru once I slide over the ground.

Helicopters are actually very fragile in real life, but they just do not explode like in a michael bay movie. <- and this is just one huge issue.

Also the blades cannot be shot out that easily like mentioned in this issue.