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Working Bipods & dual render scopes
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The game needs to have added working bipods and dual render scopes (4x scope would show peripheral vision as 1x)

Right now the scopes are set so the entire screen zooms. For a military simulator this game needs to correct this. The only part that should zoom is the optic itself. What you see outside the scope should not be zoomed.



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The 3D scope sounds great and i have seen it in other games, but it would be great if you could disable it too. It really takes up alot of performance.

But bipods are really, really, really needed and hopefully will come with the marksman DLC.

There are actually some addons that enabling bipods and weapon resting.
PIP rendered 3D scopes would be nice, but i guess it could cause FPS drops.

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How about checking the most voted tickets first?

No need to make duplicates.

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