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AI is not alerted when unit on same side is killed with silent weapon
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Killing an enemy AI unit that is in the field of view of another enemy AI unit will not alert the unit if it cannot see or hear the shooter.

So in example below, (a) and (b) are two opfor units. (a) is looking to the left, (b) is looking straight at (a) from a distance of about 10 m. The lines symbolizes a wall.

If player (c) kills (a) with a silent pistol, then (b) will not be alerted.

  b |
  a     c



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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Setup two opfor units as in example above (see attached mission)
  2. Kill unit (a) with a silent pistol.

Expected: Unit (b) should be alerted.

Observed: Unit (b) does not react to (a) being killed.

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oukej added a comment.Feb 11 2015, 3:56 PM

This should now be fixed in the dev branch. Thank you for helping us improve the game!