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Add "GroundWeaponHolder_Scripted" class which allows for existence of empty holders
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At the moment GroundWeaponHolder created with script will exist for a split second before it is deleted. This is a good feature to keep the game clean, but sometimes it could be undesirable as described in this thread:

The solution could be the introduction of a subclass _Scripted that has autodeletion disabled:

class GroundWeaponHolder_Scripted: GroundWeaponHolder
forceSupply = false;

This will allow mission maker to make permanent placeholders for weapons and magazines if needed and not worry about autodeletion.


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It has been actually done on 28/11 in dev branch by this change, could You, please, give it a try?

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I have added the property to class Weapon_Empty, it should be available tomorrow in the dev branch. Could You, please, give it a try, if it works according to Your needs?

Yeah, this is great, but this will only solve the autodelete bug with Weapon_Empty class. The problem I see is that Weapon_Empty inherits from WeaponHolder_Single_F, which would only show 1 item, where as GroundWeaponHolder_Scripted would behave as GroundWeaponHolder and show multiple items.

Also off topic, is there a way to make _Single weaponholders to be limited to single items?

Just to add WeaponHolder_Single_limited_magazine_F for example that is both single and limited has

transportMaxItems = 0;
transportMaxMagazines = 1;
transportMaxWeapons = 0;

params will still allow to place > 1 magazines in it both with script and UI

wh = "WeaponHolder_Single_limited_magazine_F" createvehicle position player; wh addMagazineCargoGlobal [currentmagazine player, 5]

SaMatra added a subscriber: SaMatra.May 7 2016, 7:37 PM

I agree with Killzone_Kid here, having GroundWeaponHolder_Scripted that behaves identically to GroundWeaponHolder (lets players put stuff in it through Inventory UI and displays what inside) but does not auto-deletes when empty will be definitely useful addition and I personally see use for such object in my missions (Wasteland specifically)

"It has been actually done on 28/11 in dev branch by this change, could You, please, give it a try?"

wh = "GroundWeaponHolder_Scripted" createvehicle position player;
hint str wh; //<obj-null>

The change from 28.11 dev branch actually adresses this issue as the scripted weapon holder inherits standard weapon holder with all the proxies, not juts the single one.

Oh I see, means Weapon_Empty now can show multiple items. Thanks. That note on CL was actually quite vague. Thanks again.

pettka added a comment.Dec 2 2014, 1:00 PM

My bad, I have even used a wrong field as I can see, I am sorry for the confusion :( And a good news, it should make it to the next main branch update soon (TM)

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Wait, so what can I use now to get a weaponholder that doesn't get deleted right away (see:

Currently, there is no "GroundWeaponHolder_Scripted" on devel. There are those "WeaponHolder_Single_" classes in addition to the simulated and the ground weaponholders, yet non of them work.

Do I miss something? :(

GroundWeaponHolder_Scripted and WeaponHolderSimulated_Scripted should be added to DEV branch soon.