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Ground objects prioritised over bodies
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It seems that the area a body can be rearmed from or selected to go into the inventory is far to small compared to its actual size. and Weapons left on the ground near to body seem to be far to easy to select for their relative size. This means I can look at a body and only get the option to look or take the main weapon. Considering the body also contains the weapon why is the body no prioritised.

In terms of selecting a inventory system would it not be better to open nearest non ground container (body/box/vehicle) then populate the list of ground containers in the ground tab for items on the ground within a area.


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Steps To Reproduce

1:start game
2:kill AI
3:Try to access body
4:Observe Tendency to select ground weapon rather than body

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We know that this is a busy time so we are just asking for it to be considered a reply given for now

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