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Adding a system similar to RotorLib to other vehicles
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I know this is a big request, and that the BI Studios developers may not have time for it, but it is something I wanted to inform you about.

I've played with RotorLib, and all I can say is that it's amazing. It's not too hard once you get to grips on it, but still hard enough to be a fun challenge. Then it got me thinking. What if a similar system was implemented to other vehicles as well? What if you had to start a car just like in real life? What if you had to increase throttle on a jet to make it move forward?

Of course, planes would be the easiest vehicle to start off with, due to the similarities with helicopters, but later you could also make specific controls for other vehicles, like cars, boats and even the armoured vehicles!

Let's not forget, ArmA is a simulator, it is meant to SIMULATE real-life war. In my opinion, the whole point should be to make it challenging, but also a fun experience. Something which RotorLib delivered, and I hope other vehicle models will too, if they are implemented.

Any thoughts on the matter? Post below.


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In my opinion, yes.
In most other opinions from those 'Alits Life' players, probably no.

The starting up a car sounds nice, should really take longer. You cannot just get in a car in real life and drive away in 1 second. Also the jet thing sounds quite interesting, jets need a huge overwork anyways.

But further than this, (like switching the gears and using clutch) would be too much. ^^

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Well that's kind of what I was thinking. :p Having to stop accelerating, holding a clutch key, then pressing another key to change to that gear. Could be a key combination of ctrl + (key) or something like that. =)