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Sound continues to loop after sound should have stopped
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When you do something like put out a camp fire the burning sound continues even though the fire is out. Has also occurred with the new helicopter crashing sounds in the dev branch.


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Video of the camp fire example at The camp fire sound continued until I ended the mission.

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I've also noticed issues with Say3D - sound volume drops and then for no reason gets much louder - where sound source (object) is static and player is also stationery. Almost like sound is being duplicated and or competing. These other sound tickets seem to relate: 0020323, 0021208, 0021246.

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these looping sound should not be present in the game anymore, can you please confirm?

There is a related issue that is still happening (wasn't present two patches ago) - when a MP game session or the editor is shut down there is avery brief sound (1 sec) of a sound file playing in the background - presumably from the mission that was just loaded - it gets shut off just prior to the menu being loaded. Not sure if this relates only to missions with custom sound files. In any event the sound should not be playing when the editor or MP session shuts down. This could imply there is a larger issue involved.