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Game disables Joystick when accessing the contorls menu in Multiplayer
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The game disables the controller (simple Joystick) when accessing the
"Controls Menu" in a multiplayer session.

  • issue only occurs in muliplayer !
  • the controller is a simple USB Joystick (Saitek Cyborg 3D Gold)

initialized with rudimentary Microsoft Drivers.

  • You can't make the engine recognize the Joystick again while the game is running (only in very few cases)


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Plug in a simple USB - Joystick which uses standard Microsoft Drivers.
  • Start the game and join a multiplayer session on a dedicated server
  • Get a helicopter or plane and go airborne
  • Hit ESC and go into "Configure -> Controls" menu
  • Recognize that your Joystick mappings are gone
  • Recognize that the engine nolonger knows about your Joystick in the Controller tab.

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Happends with Saitex X-55 Rhino and Rudder paddels aswell, does not happen everytime, it happends randomly when using, the method described by vision33, but also if the mission have build-in setting like setting view distance. TrackIR on the otherhand is not effected.

Also happens with Logitech Extreme 3d Pro joystick, only possible way that I've found to get joystick controls visible again is to restart the game.

Issue is still not resolved. Joystick deactivation also happens during singleplayer now.

Happens with Saitek X52 Pro too.