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Camera shake in helicopters never stops
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When you go fast in a helicopter the camera starts shaking, but if you then slow down, it keeps shaking forever.


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Advanced Flight Model
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Enable the advanced FDM (May have to restart to get shakes).
  2. Fly fast until the camera starts shaking.
  3. Hover in mid-air, and notice the camera keeps shaking.
Additional Information

The camera shake can be removed by executing: vehicle player setDamage 0; (Even though the shaking is not caused by damage).

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Have you enabled "stress damage"?

If you fly very rough then you can damage your helicopter's mechanisms. Repairing fixes it though.

Yes, I have. And it's 0% damaged when it's shaking.

I have noticed that too, just maybe it is so small it does not recognize it. Although it only appears when you fly rough, so it must be some kind of "damage".

I think they just haven't implemented an indicator for that yet.

I will see in Zeus if it does any damage to the helicopter, even if it is 1%.

I already checked the damage in the debug console. it's 0.0.

Hi, I wasn't able to reproduce this issue anymore. Are you still observing this issue? Thanks

Still happening. Might have to fly a little rough.