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Sling loading is extremely unstable
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As the title implies, sling loading is so unstable it's unusable.
I give up. I cannot reach the target location without imploding.
Speed does not matter. Weather doesn't seem to have an impact either. Wreckless flight doesn't seem to have any impact either. {F24941} {F24942}


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Sling Loading
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Enable the advanced FDM with all options.
  2. Fly around.
  3. Wait for chaos.
Additional Information

This video consists of consecutive restarts:
But it's not always that often.

This video shows a five minute flight where it starts occurring near the end. Neither time scale, speed, weather or wreckless flight seems to have any impact. It's rather random and unpredictable:

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I activated all advances flight options and tried to reproduce your problem without any success. There weren't any problems with sling loading a boat or quad, flying around with it for several minutes and unloading it.

Ummm... I think you should try a little more practice, the added eight and the movement of the advanced flight dynamics add to make for a touch flight depending on how you fly, that is if you can even handle the Advanced flight model. It's tricky, and not exactly for the average gamer...

@DarkSideSixOfficial: I have no problem handling the new FDM, thank you very much.

Besides, it has nothing to do with simulation. No matter how you fly, your cargo won't suddenly receive the gravity of the sun.

Alrighty, I'll give it a shot tonight and see what's up.

Happened to me often while using the Orca.

It is a bug in certain helicopters, that the helicopter and the cargo just pull eachother together and destroy themselves.

is this still present in current dev?

The same thing just happened to me on a Wasteland Hardcore server...
I was lifting a pickup truck with an Hellcat.

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Yeah, same here for me, in attached files you can see what i got, with the boat ^^' (sorry about that i thought it would be in my note)

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I still got the same issue in the latest stable build.. not exactly like this, but load bumping around left, right, up and down suddenly.
this happened while flying as slow as 20kph. Same with flying fast. At some point the load(a retextured Hunter/M-ATV) flung forwards and backwards, getting me up to -30kph, ending in a helicrash with load in heli or in water at some point.
Edit: I am flying without AFM. Happens with AFM as well though, as a friend has the same issue with AFM.