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Reverse speed for amphibious vehicles is greater than forward speed in water.
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The amphibious vehicles in Arma 3 seem to travel faster when moving in reverse if you're in the water.
This seems a bit unlogical considering the propellers are in the rear.

So you can travel 10km/h when going forward and 12km/h when going in reverse. Is this intentional or a mistake?


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Play ArmA 3.
  2. Acquire any of the following vehicles: AMV-7 Marshall, MSE-3 Marid or AFV-4 Gorgon.
  3. Drive forward in the water and observe the max speed.
  4. Reverse in the water and observe the max speed.

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Still exists in 1.40

Starting to think this is intentional and not a flaw, can a moderator confirm?

Still unclear to me if this is a bug or intentional.

This has been tweaked recently. Could you please check it in dev branch? Thanks

More info in this matter here:

I checked out the new speeds in dev branch, seems more logical.
This can be closed. :)

Thanks! Marking as fixed.

Waste of time this tbh. Reverse gears have higher gear ratios therefor could easily result in faster final drive ratios.