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Money duping exploit in A3Wasteland servers
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A3Wasteland is a multiplayer game mode with a money system, where you can drop and pick up money.

Currently there is an exploit with the money system that players can dupe money by repeatedly picking up a pile of money. This is accomplished by using bandwidth limiter.

First they will drop a pile of money on the ground. Then they will turn on the bandwidth limiter, which will lower the bandwidth to an unplayable level, e.g. 0.5 KB/s. But they will not be kicked.

After that, they will begin picking the pile of money up. Due to the effects of the bandwidth limiter, they can continuously pick up the money (it will stay on the ground after being picked up).


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Join a A3Wasteland server.
  2. Respawn and drop a pile of money on the ground.
  3. Use a bandwidth limiter and limit the bandwidth of yoru PC to 0.5 KB/S.
  4. Start picking the dropped money. Your money will start increasing while the pile of money stays on the ground.
  5. Disable the limiter and drop a pile of money worth a much more larger amount.
  6. Go back to step 3.
Additional Information

Use the procedure described above, one can easily "earn" himself a billion dollars. I believe that this exploit exists in any multiplayer game mode that has a money system.

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Wasteland is an unofficial community mission and this is something the maker of that mission has to fix.