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Make radar on aircrafts more realistic
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Nowadays you may see any target in 360 degree sector. It is not realistic model.
Make something like that, please:
So you may see targets on the radar only in small sector ~ 60 degrees.

UPDATE (16.10.2014):
There will be Helicopter DLC published soon. Probably, it is a good moment to implement new radar system not only to helicopters but any other aircrafts + AA-tanks. Here is some photos from RL (they are for meteorogical radar, but display the main principles of radar system): [^] [^] [^] [^] [^] [^]

And for AA-tanks: [^] [^] [^] [^]

So there are several improvements:

  1. Decrease angle of radar on all aircrafts (but not compass).
  2. Add visual refresh of targets like here: [^]
  3. Make 360 angle radar for AA-tanks with refresh function, for the whole 360 degrees, like here: [^]

Here is youtube videos (to show main principle for both AA-tanks and aircrafts): (intensity of color of targets changes in periods between target refresh). And here is meteorogical radar:

Also it will be good to implement radar sound system (beep sound) when your radar finds enemy, something like here, but not so frequent and only when radar refreshes:

This kind of radar will give much more immersion into the game. I don't ask you to implement all of this things but decrease of the angle is main. Nowadays, radar system in game is too arcade.


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Instead of a fixed cone, a config value for radar cone angle would be very usefull

Fennek, I agree. This will improve gameplay very much.
I don't know how radr in this situation should show missile launches. Hope BIS will improve this system too.