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Joystick controls are deleted if game is launched with joystick unplugged
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All joystick control settings disappear if the game is launched with the joystick unplugged.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Plug in a joystick
  2. Launch the game
  3. Follow this path: Options > Controls > Weapons
  4. Select "Fire" command
  5. Set fire command to any Joystick button
  6. Save and close the new setting
  7. Shutdown the game
  8. Unplug the Joystick
  9. Launch the game
  10. Follow this path: Options > Controls > Weapons
  11. Observe Joystick control missing from "Fire" button

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Reproduced with multiple types of Joysticks (I have a Logitech Wingman Extreme 3D Pro), the problem is present since Arma 1 (or even OFP?). It is very problematic since there are games that require you to unplug your joystick to play them properly.

JAIKS! I've setup my HOTAS X55 for this game, I don't want to lose the settings.

Thanks for the report!

I wasn't able to reproduce this issue on my side. The control bindings should reappear once the controller has been connected again (before launching the game).

Afaict it could have gone wrong in case the Windows assigned the same device a different ID. (can be checked in the registry or easily using the USBDeview)

Please, report back if you manage to find any further info!

Thanks a lot!

Can't reproduce this using the steps I described. However, there's something out there that makes the joystick controls disappear, I'll check and report back if needed. I apologize for the trouble...