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Ai shooting solution : limited there vision
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added a visible length the ai can see. has at the moment the still just hone in on you within a split of a sec. if they had a visable seeing range this might reduced the ai honing on you at unrealistic km they seem to have at the moment.
and might improved the player based on coop missions and multiplay servers.

I have set up a night mission for a test. me sniper(proned) and the 3*ai doing a routine patrol. all fine until you take a shot.they are using normal assault rifles. and can kill a target from very long distances which in real war would be impossible.


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set up a patrol of 3*ai ( riflemen) doing a straight line towards any building.
set urself up has sniper and go prone.take 1-2 shots to kill 1 ai, and watch the other two ai honing in on you with fire. at night.

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Definatly agree with the problem you spotted, but would be really unhappy with this kind of solution. It would probably create very weird situations in which you can pick off enemy infantry while they just stand around. While you actually want to have the ai to take cover and scan for the enemy(you) and return (inaccurate) fire as suppression after they found your rough location. Getting more accurate if you shoot again and they can pinpoint you more accurately.

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i not complaining about the problems of ai shooting me. but they still seem to take you out from behind a building you using cover and using the q or e keys to peer can actually hear the bullets hitting the wall and coming through on most of the corners of the building to take you can also fire at the enemy through a wired fencing without hitting them,your bullets bounce off fences,there bullets go straight through wired im beging to suspected that the fences aren't double sided textures/or hit's detected

The AI is too easy to defeat even on max skill. Oftentimes they aim like stormtroopers.

Of course this detail must be able to adjust. But Perhaps there is no need to create separate settings for AI visible length.
This lenght can be tied to the settings of the AI SKILL (Not sure if it's in the game now!)
The higher the AI skill, the more should be AI visibility.

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The AI has a vision dependable on the current light conditions, NVGs, optics used and the AI skill. The AI also has an audible reception. And then there's the engagement range dependable on optics and weapon's AI fire modes.

The maximal detection range is also dependable on the visibility range defined in Video options (so the AI doesn't shoot beyond player's visible range)

If you see a specific situation where the detection was clearly impossible but still happened, please report it with an attached repro scenario (as simple as possible).