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More vehicle interactions
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I was just playing around in the latest dev build and it struck me that I could land a hummingbird on top of another vehicle and it was surprisngly stable to drive around with the helicopter on the roof. I tried the same with a truck and it worked even better.

This struck me as pretty fantastic and I for one would love to see more vehicles interacting with other vehicles in the game. It somehow feels like it would be feasible to do.
I tried loading a car onto a truck but that didn't work, the loaded car was not moving with the truck like the hummingbird was, but it would be pretty cool if it worked.

I did the loading using the new sling loading system which is fantastic by the way. But it feels like this could be built upon with some more features.

This is not fully a "this is what I want" request but just a set of suggestions.
If you as a voter decide to upvote, feel free tell everyone which features you'd like to see from the list.

*load vehicles into trucks (mods might do it, we want it implemented in the vanilla game)

*new truck variety that can load vehicles

*ramps for trucks to load said vehicles

*the ability to secure loaded vehicles or have them secured automaticly to a strict or lesser degree, whichever works best.

*winches to get other vehicles unstuck from terrain

*winches to hoist people up into helicopters or lower them down (expansion on fastropes anyone?)

*ability to load small vehicles inside a mohawk, like a quadbike

*option to open rear door of mohawk from cockpit

*utility trailers for the hemtt that looks like it's compatible with trailers.

Sorry if the suggestions are a bit messy.


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Instead of "putting" a vehicle into a truck, it would be better to have a "tow vehicle" option.
It would be great to be able to put containers and ATV's into trucks and helicopters, but cars on a truck seem a little funky. (Unless you have a C-130)

Here an example:

I don't want to go off topic now, but in general I like the idea.

I kind of agree with you that towing would be nice. But only if we get some kind of extra towing specific truck to go with it for logical reasons(the suspension of disbelief gap is a bit too wide otherwise). You know those towing booms that AAA services use that hoist the front of the towed vehicle up and such.

I'm thinking that if you tow someone around with just a winch you will end up with two dinged up vehicles, one in the front and one in the back becuse there is nobody in the rear vehicle to engage the brakes. :3

I love the idea with transporting stuff like boxes by truck though, and I deffo think it should be implemented. I also hope they add sling loading functionality to ammoboxes and crates.