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Remove the throttle acceleration when using advanced flight model
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When using the advanced flight model, it is absolutely impossible not to crash due to the fact that nothing happens the first second after you press Q or Z to change the throttle.

And making small changes is impossible too, due to the same fact that nothing happens the first second.


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It's not so much throttle acceleration as much as your collective being DUMPED when moved if you start off flying, so you have to gun it and then slowly drop to compensate the sudden fall.

Eh, what?

The problem is that if you use a joystick you can throttle from 0 to full instantly, but if you're using the keyboard it takes forever.

It gives you a more steady control over your throttle. The keys are very sensible without that and can make your throttle rise to full at one push.

Why don't you use a joystick instead, if it is "taking forever"?

The same reason I'm not using a controller?

And it doesn't give me a more steady control at all. Just like mouse acceleration doesn't give any kind of control, at all...

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I agree that some sensitivity bar(s) would be welcome.

There is a whole second delay when changing collective with keyboard buttons. Almost impossible to land smoothly, make small changes or quickly react to something.

*Edit* It's not actually a delay. The problem is that during the ~1st second the rate at which collective is changed is way too low. It has the same effect as a 1 second delay.