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Anti-armor MRAP's
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The game has 3 nice MRAP units, the Iffrit, Hunter and Strider. All in unarmed, GMG and HMG versions. It would be great if an tank-hunter/anti-armor variant was added as well. Light vehicles with basic anti-armor capabilities are in use all over the world, but they are missing from ArmA3's future environemt for some reason.


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My request is to add a variant for all these 3 vehicles with a remote ATGM turret. A simple turret with optics and a small number of ATGM tubes would be perfect. Vehicles such as these enable alot of new mission possibilities.

Example of such a vehicle in real life:

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So why not just make a mod for this and request it from BIS instead?
1.)The vehicles proposed are largely composed out of assets already in game and create vehicles useful in alot of scenarios.
2.)Having them as standard vehicles means automatic multiplayer compatibility without the need for players to download seperate addons. I suspect vehicles such as these will find their place in alot of multuplayer scenarios given the large number of sandbox servers.

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Upvoted. The more variety the better.