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Some very basic and simple to produce FIA vehicles request
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My request therefore is to expand the FIA vehicle arsenal a bit. There already are some very nice simple vehicles in game which can be used.
These vehicles could simply be equiped with the static weapons already ingame. With only a small 3d model+texture for a different mounting needed, or even just the static bipod welded onto the vehicle platform.

This would open up alot of possibilities for FIA/resistance operations.

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So why not just make a mod for this and request it from BIS instead?
1.)The vehicles proposed are composed out of assets already in game and create vehicles useful in alot of scenarios.
2.)Having them as standard vehicles means automatic multiplayer compatibility without the need for players to download seperate addons. I suspect vehicles such as these will find their place in alot of multuplayer scenarios given the large number of sandbox servers.

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Upvoted. Same as other post, the more variety the better :-)

attach command?

^^ Would not give the same functionality as an integrated vehicle. In addition it would require quite a bit of fiddling and code writing to get (for example) a mortar fixed in the correct position on a pick-up truck.

Given the majority of players hardly no any coding at all (including me only being able to adjust downloaded pieces of code ;p) it would be best to makes vehicles such as these availlable in the editor. This way everybody can use them without hassle, deliberatly described vehicles which would require minimum effort from BIS while adding very useful common (non-addon) content which IMHO this game desperatly needs.